Petroleum Bitumen Garde 80/100 Specification 80/100 Sure about the 100% pure quality if you buy from us. © 2010  Made with GCT Co. Price: Negotiation able and update every week on Tuesdays. Origin: Islamic Republic of Iran. Packing: in New steel drums of 180kgs (+/-3 pct); 110 drums in each 20" containers Min order: 200MT Available quantity: 8000MT/ Month Loading port: Bandar Abbas, IRAN. Delivery time: Max 30 day after receipt of L/C. Inspection: by SGS at NBP's Cost Payment: By irrevocable L/C at sight or TT.
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                                               SPECIFICATION                            TEST METHOD A.S.T.M. SPECIFICATION AS PER NATIONAL IRANIAN OIL COMPANY (NIOC): SPECIFIC GRAVITY AT 25/25 DEG C                        1.01/1.05                   D.70 PENETRATION AT 25 DEG C                                     80 /100                      D.5 SOFTENING POINT DEG C                                        45/52                         D.36 DUCTILITY AT 25 DEG C   CMS                                 100 MIN                     D.113 LOSS ON HEATING  PCT WT                                     0.5 MAX                     D.6 DROP IN PENETRATION AFTER HEATING PCT       20 MAX                      D.5 FLASH POINT DEG C                                                  225 MIN                     D.92 SOLUBILITY IN CS2 PCT WT                                      99.5 MIN                    D.4 ORGANIC MATTER INSOLUBLE IN CS2 PCT WT      0.2 MAX                    D.4 SPOT TEST                                                                 NEGATIVE          *A.A.S.H.O. T102-42              *AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF STATE HIGHWAY OFFICIALS SGS Logo NIOC - National Iranian Oil Company.