About NBP Sure about the 100% pure quality if you buy from us. © NBPco.net 2010  Made with GCT Co. NBP Co is the biggest, and famous, Iranian company dealing with oil, gas and  petrochemical products, NBP Co is the major Iranian Bitumen supplier which  make possible the supply of Iranian bitumen in multi-grades 60/70, 80/100,  85/100, 85/25, 40/50, and 90/15, 100% pure. National Iranian Bitumen is  considering having the best   quality of Bitumen in the world.  we as Iranian Supplier   proud that we provide this  high quality bitumen with   the best and high quality of  services which make us   so famous for our all over  the world costumers to   continue their safe  business with our   company for more than 20  years. We provide the   bitumen from Isfahan  refinery which has the best   quality of bitumen for export in  the world and packing them in   our own factory which is located  in Isfahan near to the refinery. We ourselves produce the new steel drums we  use for packing. NBP Co, groups dealing so many products which are related  to Iran's Oil. We would like to inform you, that we also supply, Modified  Petroleum Bitumen, Gilsonite (Natural Bitumen), Base Oil, Slack wax, Gas  Oil, Fuel Oil, Jet Fuel, Crude Oil, LPG, Sulphur, and Paraffin.We are hereby to  invite you to try your most safe business with Nakhle Baharestan Pardis Co.  Please contact us at:   info@nbpco.net  NBP in Alibaba   We supply best quality with best services and competitive price.
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